Gets rid of odours, bacteria or any harmful emissions in the air without the use of chemicals, biological agents, water or other materials. This technology doesn’t filter or absorb the polluted air, but converts it on a molecular level. It eliminates the unpleasant odours without harming the atmosphere or unbalancing the natural environment.


Plasma is a state of matter

Sometimes called the fourth state. The three common states of matter are solids, liquids and gases. The BlueReactor creates a cloud of plasma that pulls pollution apart on a molecular level. The radicals and UV that this plasma produces, destroys bacteria and other unwanted microbes. Particulates (pm10, pm2.5) will also be ionized so they ‘clutter together’ and will no longer cause harmful effects.


There are different types of BlueReactors that
have been successfully applied in different industries:

Hospitality Business

The BlueReactor H200 is an affordable, environmental friendly solution, requiring little time and energy allowing the cleaning staff to clean any odour in a hotel room more efficiently.

Beer Breweries

The BlueReactor B1500 makes sure that the levels of odour emission from a small beer brewery are on par with the regulations. This will allow beer breweries to expand or continue their business without causing any problems to their immediate surroundings.

Live stock farming

The BlueReactor F500 reduces or even eliminates the negative impact that live stock farming has on the environment. Not only harmful gasses like H2S (hydrogen sulphide) and nh3 (ammonia) are removed but also viruses, bacteria and bad odours.

Water treatment

The BlueReactor W750 cleans water without the use of chlorine or other chemicals. The plasma changes the water on a molecular level, giving it anticeptic and anti-bacterial characteristics. It can be used to clean a swimmingpool, but also to cleanse raw food without the use of any additional chemicals.

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